About the company

LLC Russkaya Voda has been involved in the exploration of high-quality underground fresh water in the Russkaya Bay deposit for several years.


The idea of extracting drinking water in the Russkaya Bay goes back to 2000. To put it into practice, we established LLC Russkaya Voda in 2002.

Its founders were professionals with years of experience in subsurface resource management and legislation in this sphere: Alexander Gorbunov and Alexander Orlov.

Director General Alexander Gorbunov has more than 20 years of state service in the administration of the Kamchatka Territory: in 1993–2000, he headed the Directorate of Industry, Business, Energy and Mineral Resources of the administration of the Kamchatka Territory.

Alexander Orlov is the president of the non-commercial partnership Mining Association of Kamchatka, the largest union of miners in the Territory.

LLC Russkaya Voda

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