Natural silver-infused water of Kamchatka

LLC Russkaya Voda is implementing an investment project called 'Production of Natural Silver-Infused Water of Kamchatka in the Russkaya Bay for Further Export of Drinking Water by Bulk Liquid Cargo Vessels.' The project has special significance for the region since it is related to the extraction and sale of a natural resource, clean drinking water, that is in high demand in the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region and India.

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Forecast reserves 100,000 m3 per 24 hours
3 million m3 per year
Shipping using liquid cargo vessels with a capacity of up to 100,000 tons
Situated just 90 km from the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Kamchatka's Water Potential

Kamchatka's water potential is truly unique. Water is one of the peninsula's most important natural raw materials. It is worth noting that the potable water which this unpolluted region boasts in unlimited quantities requires practically no treatment.

42 deposits of fresh water on Kamchatka have been surveyed, with an exploitable volume of 438,000 cubic metres per day. The export potential of Kamchatka's underground fresh-water deposits is practically unlimited.

The quality of the river and spring water of Kamchatka is so high it is hard to put into words. Long-term consumption of this water has undeniable health benefits...'

Georg Wilhelm Steller, researcher, doctor, scientist, writer

In the 20th century, water consumption doubled



of the planet's population inhabits regions with a deficit of fresh water

It is expected that by 2025–2030,


of the population will suffer from water deficit

Convenient shipping from the deposit in the Russkaya Bay